Time Management is Life Management

Time is valuable. You can use it once and you will never get it back. GOINCHI represents your interests in the areas of Health, Wealth and Happiness. Giving you more quality time for your family and yourself.

Your personal assistant. Reinvented.

The best specialists and products available for you in a personalized, self-learning platform.

After years of market research and intensive cooperation with wealthy individuals and prosperous families, our team of specialists have put together an extensive service and product range that relieves and guides the entire family in the areas of Health, Wealth and Happiness. With one push of a button we offer you a personal service, guiding you 24/7 through our secure and accessible platform. Completely discreet, at home or wherever you prefer.


GOINCHI. Improves quality of life.

Total unburdening in the area of Health, Wealth and Happiness. Exclusively for you in the Pontsteiger.

With over 20 years of experience in realizing capital growth for prosperous families, it turns out that unaccompanied success is at the expense of your health and happiness. This is largely due to how time is managed.


By making the time factor a less decisive role in your life, we optimize happiness for you and your family by offering the connecting link between health, wealth and happiness. Time Management is Life Management.

As a member of the Goinchi community you have access to our team of specialists 24/7. These specialists have been chosen as a collective to share our overarching philosophy in the area of health, wealth and happiness. By providing you and your family unparalleled service you will be taken care of, and as a member you will have everything within reach on one platform.

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